Android | Ad blocking on Wi-Fi and Data connections!

Android | Ad blocking on Wi-Fi and Data connections!

When using apps or browsing the web on your phone, ads will pop up everywhere and can become annoying fast!  Fortunately  there is a easy way to block ads on Wi-Fi and data connections.  This post is specific to Android phones.

You will see a noticeable speed difference when you start turning on ad blocking. This is because a lot of time is spent downloading ads onto your phone.  You will also get the added benefit of saving your data!

To get started, on your mobile Android phone go to the Adblock Plus Android download page and download the APK or download it  directly from their site using this link.

Next follow the instructions on their configuration page.  Their documentation is pretty good so I’m not going to bother to reproduce it.  This will set up ad blocking on your Wi-Fi connection.

In order to get ad blocking on your data connection you will need to set up a new APN with a proxy pointing to localhost:2020.  Its not as hard as you think!

First, find your settings and go into Cellular Networks.


Click on Access Point Names.


Find and click on your APN, its the one that has the blue dot next to the name, mine was ATT Phone.


Once you click into your APN, you will see a bunch of different settings.  Write down all these settings because the next step is to create a new APN with the same exact information as your current one.


Once you have all the info written down some where, go back and click on the plus symbol highlighted in blue in the blow image.  This will create a new APN.


Fill in all the information just as before but this time for the Proxy setting put localhost and for the Port put 2020.  Also change the Name to something else, I changed mine to ATT Phone ABP.



Once this is done, save your changes and go back to the list of APNs and select your new APN!

You should see that ads will be blocked right away.

NOTE: I noticed that if you reboot your phone and the Adblock Plus app is not running then your Wi-Fi and data connection will not work because the proxy is not running.  In order to fix this, just run the Adblock Plus app or set it up to run when the phone first boots up.

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